Introducing Morflax studio dashboard

September 20, 2021

Introducing Morflax studio dashboard
Morflax studio - dashboard for all our 3D design tools. Manage all your projects, subscriptions, and account details in one place. Video presentation & showcase are available below.

What’s new:

From now on Morflax things web app available on

Save, edit, or make a copy of the current project directly in the web app.

Morflax studio - project management

Manage all Morflax projects in one place - Morflax studio dashboard. Open, rename, delete or use it as template. Morflax studio - project management

Manage your profile details, subscriptions and invoices right here, in our dashboard. Morflax studio - project management

We would love to hear your feedback! Leave it in the dashboard or just let us know via:
Email , Twitter @morflax_com

Ready to go Pro?

From $9/mo. access all features, elements and templates, plus updates and new releases.