Customize, Shift & Mix

February 23, 2023

Customize, Shift & Mix
Finally, we’re shipping brand new Morflax studio website along with a new tool. Customize 3D elements easily, from 3D devices, clothing and branding mockups to 3D icons and illustrations.

What's new:

  • New Morflax studio website & design
  • New 3D design tool - Customize
  • Mesh is now Mix
  • WebM transparent export (beta)
  • Video upload on the device (beta)
  • More advanced cropping of uploaded images
  • Lots of new 3D elements to customize
  • A sidebar that helps you navigate through Studio tools easily

Introducing Customize

We have created a really simple and effective tool for creating mockups, animations and illustrations. Select the category, object and start remixing them. Animate and export video in just a few clicks. Check it right here.

Morflax shift - convert SVG vector to 3D, right in your browser.

The New Studio

We are completely redesigned Morflax studio to make it as intuitive & efficient as possible. Learn more about Studio here. Morflax shift - convert text to 3D, right in your browser. There are now 3 main products on the platform: Customize, Shift and Mix (prev. Mesh).

Please note that we will soon be getting rid of the deprecated Morflax things tool. All the features of this tool are already available in the Mix tool and soon all templates and projects will be moved there. Morflax shift - convert text to 3D, right in your browser.

We would love to hear your feedback! Leave it here or just let us know via:
Email , Twitter @morflax_com

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Morflax studio - Ecosystem of 3D design tools. Build 3D device mockups, illustrations and 3D animations. Right in your browser.