August update - new devices, watermarks & many more

August 4, 2021

Fresh new 3D device mockup builder. Simple and powerful.

We're happy to announce that we're fully opening all pro features and devices for the free plan users with Morflax branding (watermark). You can check limitations on our pricing page

What's new?

  • - New devices: Simple generic 3D & 2D devices.
  • - Watermark: Free version now will have Morflax branding on every device.
  • - New environments: Metalic studio 2, Down, Warehouse.
  • - Screen improvements: Now lighting will not effect default (basic) device screen.
  • - UI improvements: Screen settings are now hidden under scene settings icon.

New devices

Check our new professional 3D devices: Basic generic tablet & phone

Simple generic phone 3D mockup

Basic phone

Simple generic tablet 3D mockup

Basic tablet

Phone 2D mockup

Mobile 2D plane

Tablet 2D mockup

Basic 2D plane

Simple mockup templates

Explore our new basic 3D scenes & templates.

3D device mockup & templates
3D device mockups
3D device mockups
3D device mockups
3D device mockups

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