Radial & Custom Backgrounds

August 25, 2023

Radial & Custom Backgrounds
This month, we're introducing fresh background options. You can now add your personal touch by uploading custom backgrounds or experimenting with radial gradient backgrounds.
  • Radial Gradient Background
  • Custom Background Upload
  • Animation performance fix
  • Vector to 3D performance fix

Custom Background Upload:

We're introducing a handy new feature that lets you upload custom backgrounds directly to our platform. Enhance your designs by adding your own personalized touch. Morflax mix - Mix & Build 3D mockups and illustrations.

Available on Morflax Mix and Morflax Customize apps.

Radial Gradient Background:

Elevate your visuals with our new radial gradient background feature. Achieve stunning depth and dimension with captivating gradient effects. Morflax studio templates - 3D branding and devices mockups.

Available on Morflax Mix and Morflax Customize apps.

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